As you all know, the Brotha Redbush shirts will be available for purchase sometime Wednesday. No set time frame has been put in stone.  It could be available either early in the morning, or very late at night.  So follow LeBron2010 on Twitter to get the update on when you can get your hands on one of these tee’s.

These images display PRE-PRODUCTION artwork of the shirt.   This is NOT the final art that is printed on the official tee’s.  Things that have been changed is the Cavaliers logo. The Cavaliers logo will not be in the new shirts available, something similar will be printed on Brotha Red’s jersey, but it will not say Cavaliers.  Also the Cavaliers wine and gold has been altered in the official shirts. The shirt will have similar colors that will resemble the official wine and gold trademark colors, but it will not be the actual colors.  Small minor details have been changed as well, I will leave it up to you to compare when the shirts come out.

This tee actually might be available for purchase in the future when quantities run out.  It will be an original the very first ever made Brotha Redbush tee, and there is only one made and it could be yours.  Stay tuned. BTW. These would look GREAT with some grey/pink/orange Air Yeezy’s don’t you think?

More pictures below.

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