So, here we are. 5 Years later.

To tell you the truth, I’m going into this post not really knowing what to say.  For about a whole month now, I’ve been stressing out knowing that sometime during the party, or after it’s done, I would need to let my voice be heard, and spill out some corny words of wisdom, or something inspiring… but honestly. I don’t have anything like that to say at all. So I’m just gonna wing it and rant.

I think after all these years,  maybe I’m just content.  Maybe I’m happy with the progress, happy with the support that our city has given us.  Most of all, happy with the team that we have assembled and happy with what friends and family I have around me. It’s starting to become a natural feeling.  It kinda feels like winning some sort of championship or award consecutive years,  of course each years feels like a huge accomplishment, but nothing ever feels like the very first championship.

When I opened the first iLTHY Workshop back in 2011, the feeling was so surreal. Just to think that a couple months before I opened that shop, I was just a graphic designer cooped up in an office making business cards, and mixtape covers.  After we closed the doors on that chilly September day, I literally sat by myself in silence.  I was in pure disbelief.  I never in my mind thought that having my own ILTHY store was ever possible. That was the day I knew that what we created was real.

Fast forward to today, I had a different feeling last night, and I still quite can’t figure out what that feeling is.  I’m excited, eager, determined, and ready, but I’ve always felt this way that’s nothing new.  I feel something a bit different and I just don’t know what it is.

Maybe, just maybe.  That feeling is uncertainty.  Uncertain about the future, uncertain to what will happen next.  5 Years is a long train ride, and I’ve seen and done so many things because of iLTHY. The tunnel at the end has been very bright and has stayed that way for a long time.  I think I’m ready to do something major. Bigger than this. I just don’t know what that is yet.

What I need everyone to really know though, is that I’m very appreciative of everyone who has been supporting us through out the years.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me the opportunity to create, the opportunity to inspire, the opportunity to communicate with all of you, most of all, thank you for helping me support my family.  If it wasn’t for all you guys, I wouldn’t know what I would be doing with my life.  I love waking up everyday, knowing that I’m walking to work and that it’s something that I love to do.  iLTHY Lives. And if you think otherwise, go wipe your feet somewhere else.

Shout outs to: Chris Goody, E-V, Nova Soulz, Ezzy, Ray Cash, Tae Miles, Tezo, Pana, Flaco, Corey Grand, Shintos, Kumar, Jordan, Greg, Jose, Jacel, Freshy, Gino, Ramon, Chad, all of Jordan’s cousins, all of my cousins, my bae Shay, everyone that’s gotten their hands dirty to make iLTHY’s 5th Year Anniversary, a successful one.

We won’t be open for regular hours until November 1st. But if you see the lights on, and people inside, don’t be afraid to knock on the door, we will let you in, because you are all family.

God bless.