RIP Brandon “Beezy” Cartellone 1989-2011 Today is the 2nd year...

RIP Brandon “Beezy” Cartellone 1989-2011

Today is the 2nd year anniversary of my good friend Brandon Cartellone’s death.  To many he was known as just Brandon.  When I first met Brandon, he began an internship at hoping to get some professional experience in the field of graphic art and design.  

At the time, there was already another guy named Brandon in the building. So we couldn’t call him Brandon, it would have been confusing.  Brandon 1, started calling Brandon 2 “Beezy” just to be funny. The name stuck to him during his whole internship which lasted almot 2 years. No one else called him Beezy, only the people who worked at Hotcards knew of the nickname.  

Til this day, I refer him to Beezy to even his family and friends and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Yesterday his mother commented on one of my Facebook status’ and called to her son “Beezy”.  I thought that was awesome. 

We hope heaven is treating you good Brandon.  We sure miss you here in hell. 



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