Okay, Thanks. Excuse me if they are a little bit formal, its for school, haha. 1.What inspired you...

Q: Okay, Thanks. Excuse me if they are a little bit formal, its for school, haha. 1.What inspired you to start the business? 2.How does your store represent the positive side of Cleveland? 3. How do you think it benefits the community? 4.What makes your stores clothing different and special? 5. Do you know what your building was before you turned it into your store? 6. What are your plans for the future of the store and the company? Okay, thats all of them. Thank you very much for helping me!

1. I never really wanted to start a business. I just new what I started with just a shirt could be so much bigger if I put in more time into it.  The more time I put in, the more popular it got. It eventually took over my life and had to be a business. 

2. iLTHY right now is an example that youthful and artistic businesses can be started no matter where you are.  We are in dead ass Cleveland, and we are making the best out of it.  I think the attention we receive from our locals is a great statement.  Don’t count out the young artists as potential business owners.  Artists run these streets. 

3. I’m not sure if iLTHY is totally great for the community, but I’ve been told many times that it is.  I can see how it could be.  The bright artwork inside our lit store puts a splash in our west side area. The west side is more known for it’s gritty, blue collar lifestyle.  Our work ethic is the same, but we like to put our little dash of cool in there. 

4. Our clothing is special because you can only get it directly from us.  We design, print, sew, take photos, market, all here in little’ o Cleveland Ohio. We also never make anything over 100 pieces of any design at all. Sometimes we hand number the designs ourselves. If that’s not exclusive enough, I don’t know what is. 

5. Yes, it was an Architects’ workspace. 

6. Our future plans is to try to get a little more global this year. Make relationships with other cities and other stores and hopefully create a bigger following outside the midwest.  

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