I’ve been a reader of the Burning House blog for a while. If you...

I’ve been a reader of the Burning House blog for a while. If you aren’t hip to Burning House, it’s the blog that originated the trend to take photos of things laid out on the ground that are important to you. Say if your house in on fire, these will be the items that you run inside and grab. It’s been a big trend for a while and is now more known as one’s “essentials”.  I was recently requested to take a photo of my essentials on Instagram by one our loyal customers.  Well, Zack here it is!

Items starting from the top left: Bathing Ape First Camo backpack from 2008, Redbull stash can, hard cover sketchbook, my CharterOne checkbook, some hair ties. Coach coin pouch, iPhone 4, my keys with a Supreme pocket knife, Macbook Pro 13′, 711 lighter, a pack of Camel Menthol Silver, my inhaler, Warby Parker Preston black frames, CK1 fragrance, a number 2 pencil,  3.5×5.5 daily planner, and A&D ointment.  Hope that my stuff is worth while lol.  Thanks for checking.

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