It’s a time for a brand like ours to stand up for what we believe in and be a part of the change. We can’t let this go on and happen at home and across the country. iLTHY has been woven in the black community and we wouldn’t be anywhere without you.

Our brand has been known for pop culture, music, and movies: but now that we’ve grown up the last 10 years we know that our art has the power to change.

Many of you have asked if our artwork would make it on a shirt - but we wanted to do right by our community. This shirt represents all the chaos and problems that are happening in our world and a chance for all of us to do better. We are all here together and it’s time for all of us to step up. 

100% of proceeds from the ilthy Earth Tee will be donated to NAACP & Black Lives Matter. We ask for you to spread this with the community. ❤️

- @gleninfante & @karora007