About Us

Designed with our hands, made with our hearts.


ILTHY® thrives at the intersection of art and community, becoming a cultural staple in Cleveland and beyond since 2010. Our distinctive style and deep roots in street culture allow us to create not just apparel, but experiences that spark the imagination and ignite the creative spirit.

Our journey began with an innovative pop-up concept, serving as a creative retail gallery showcasing the diverse facets of ILTHY® during the Holiday Season of 2011. Over the years, we have expanded to host art shows and establish pop-up locations in various cities, each becoming a hub for collaboration among artists, athletes, and entertainers.

ILTHY® has forged significant partnerships with major organizations and teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Nike, NASA, further solidifying our impact both locally and nationally. Our commitment to creativity extends through our product lines, each item bearing our unmistakable signature style: bold, rebellious, and unapologetically original.

Beyond our artistic endeavors, ILTHY® stands for "I'd Love to Help You," reflecting our commitment to social impact and community support. We are deeply involved in mission-based projects that support small businesses, promote mental health, showcasing diverse artists, and engaging in other vital community-based activities.

We're also proud to champion unique themes like Ohio Native™ and Artists Run the Streets™, which reflect our commitment to celebrating our roots and the power of artistic communities. These themes are central to our strategy of expanding our creative reach and connecting with audiences in meaningful ways.

Celebrated by figures such as LeBron James, Travis Kelce, and Machine Gun Kelly, ILTHY® has become not only a choice for the famous but also a symbol of artistic expression across diverse realms.

Now entering out 15th year, as we continue to grow and innovate, we champion the belief that art is transformative and maintain our mission: to change the world through art and cultivate a better way of life through individual expression.



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