About Us


Founded in 2009, iLTHY (I love the hype) is an Art Company that uses creativity and unique takes on sports and pop culture to develop memorable pieces that withstand the test of time. iLTHY's unique style and quite rebellious attitude flood the streets of its birth place in Cleveland, Ohio.

iLTHY is a key part of Cleveland's culture as it breathes through the youth, lives in the streets and inspires our World.

In December of 2011, iLTHY opened the doors to it's very first retail location.  It premiered Art by founder Glen Infante and served as a retail space for all things iLTHY. It has been a staple in the community and a collaborative hub for artists, athletes, entertainers and overall creative individuals whom wish to unite for the greater good. Our space serves as a platform for diverse art shows, intimate music concerts with celebrity meet and greets along with signature seasonal release parties that are always filled with great energy.

iLTHY believes that the artists run the streets and can cultivate a better way of life through various routes of individual expression.

Displaying belief, taking risk and enjoying the moments have helped propelled iLTHY and its progress in society.Love the Hype & continue working to create a legacy that last forever.